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The Beautiful Beaches Near Hammock Bay

South Walton Beaches
South Walton Sugar White Beaches

Just a short 15-minute drive South of Hammock Bay lie spectacular beaches recognized as among the most beautiful in the world. Why are the Beaches of South Walton consistently ranked among the best? According to the Walton County Tourist Development Council, it's all about Geography.

The sand along the beach is a brilliant shade of white because it is composed mainly of pure quartz crystal, unlike everywhere else in the world. The emerald-green hue of the water comes from its purity. The shallowness of the Gulf and the translucent water coupled with the high reflectivity of light off the sugar-white sand create the emerald-green color. Towering dunes formed by the wind are a result of the vast amount of sand that has been deposited along the coast.

Beautiful Florida Palm Trees
Emerald Coast Palm Trees

Dr. Stephen Leatherman (Dr. Beach), Director of the University of Maryland's Laboratory for Coastal Research, has named nearby Grayton Beach the "Best Beach in the Nation." Rated along with 650 other beaches in the U.S., including the Hawaiian Islands, the compelling qualities found in Grayton were crystal clear water; sugar-white sand; sunny climate; towering sand dunes; pristine nature trails; and a safe, clean, crowd free environment.

Numerous public beach accesses and parks make visiting the coastal areas in South Walton County and Destin a breeze.

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