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Freeport Regional Sport Complex at Hammock Bay

freeport regional sports complex
Baseball Fields at Hammock Bay
Baseball Fields at Hammock Bay

Visit the official Freeport Regional Sports Complex website at www.freeportsportscomplex.com

The 60-acre Freeport Regional Sports Complex at Hammock Bay is nestled within the Hammock Bay community and can be accessed via Great Hammock Bend or Bay Loop Road. In designing the community's park, attention to all aspects was fully researched. Some of the elements that were examined were the interaction of one sport or activity with another, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the parks accessibility to the community, the preservation of its natural elements and activities for all ages to enjoy.

This hard work and dedication is shown in the City Sportspark which includes the following amenities:

  • T-Ball fields
  • Softball fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Soccer fields
  • Sand volleyball
  • Shuffleboard play ground
  • Walking / jogging trails
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